Roof Material
pv module
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Case Study of New Energy Photovoltaic Power Generation System Project
Installation time
October 2017
Cement roofing
Photovoltaic Project of Jinyang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Donggang Intelligent Technology is mainly engaged in smart home system, intelligent automation equipment management, solar photovoltaic power generation, new energy graphene batteries, car charging piles, power generation monitoring system and the development and production of integrated management of Donggang Big Data Cloud Platform. The company is committed to providing specialized smart home, intelligent office, hotel information equipment and solutions, as well as solar photovoltaic power generation system research and development and design for ordinary residential, villas, apartment districts, hotels and so on.
Xiamen Donggang Intelligent Technology is located in Tong'an, with three R&D centers, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Fuzhou.

Xiamen R&D Center: Headquarters, Technology R&D, Product Development, Business Development

Shenzhen R&D Center: Business Development, Project Implementation

Fuzhou R&D Center: Technology Research and Development, Technical Support, Business Development
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No. 140 Hongtang Road, Tong'an District, Xiamen City

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